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We are always adding new items check back often!
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About Us

This company was founded by my daughter Sunny.  A sassy little fashionista who is 5 years old.  Sunny told me (her mom) she was saving her money for when she was a grownup. So she could open her own fancy dress store.  I told her that she didn't have to wait till she was a grown up, that we could start the business now! Sunny and I began planning her dream store. She drew some pictures with crayons and we discussed all the details about what the store would look and feel like. By the end of the conversation I had decided there was no better time than now to start this company! Sunny has such amazing ideas on where she wants the company to grow and how she wants to design and decorate her store!  We don't have a ton of start up money so we have started the business online. We hope to grow so we can run the online store and a real retail store in one of our local towns! 

My name is Laura and I am a single mom of 3 amazingly, creative and awesome children! We have endured so much tragedy and trauma the past few years. All of us have been able to over come more than most people could even imagine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to start this company.  I have worked hard to rebuild myself and my children's lives back up from absolutely nothing.  I was working 3 jobs and going to school and losing my mind trying to juggle everything. I have spent a lot of my free time reading self help books and watching videos on how to stay positive and manage a family of 4 on a shoe string budget and how to start a business and market it.  One of my favorite speakers is Gary Vaynerchuk.  Who essentially inspired me (without knowing) to document the journey on instagram and facebook and get this Boutique up and running. 

I was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia which causes my vocal chords to spasm.  This disorder makes it difficult for me to communicate verbally and breath on a daily basis.  Just imagine a day without a voice, now try imagining for the rest of your life speaking so softly and having your words cut in and out mid sentence randomly. It makes holding down a normal job very difficult and many people end up on disabilty. There is no cure at this time for this condition.  I refuse to hop on the disability train, I want to work and I want to inspire my children to strive for what they want in life. Working from home allows me to be there for my children and take care of my health. The great thing is I get to make thousands of little girls and my own daughter look absolutely adorable! 

With a few dollars to my name I thought what do I have to lose! I purchased the business license, set up a gofundme account and found a business mentor.  When not working my daily job, I spend any free time I have learning about the business of little girls fashion and how to run an online retail store! I use to own a skateboard school teaching skateboarding, designing and selling skateboards and clothing so it wasn't too far fetched.  With a little help from friends, relatives and Sunny's input on all the merchandise, marketing and so forth, Princess Diva Boutique was born! My oldest daughter Star, is not a girlie girl, however she is amazing at editing videos and she will be helping with my marketing campain.  My son loves computer graphics so once we've decided to start our own line of clothing we will have him help with the graphics! For now he will be editing photos and taking some of our photos for the boutique! 

With the heart of a single mom behind this boutique, and an adorable little fashionista named Sunny and her brother and sister to help along the way there's no telling where this little princess will take this business! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and check out our boutique, it really means the world to us that you are helping to support the little gals and not shopping from a big corporate store.  Feel free to email us with questions or comments!                

                                                                  Thank you!